Is talking therapy really needed?

Is talking therapy really needed?

Surely in our media-crammed ‘knowledge’ driven world people ‘should’ be able to sort themselves out? These thoughts can play cruelly on the minds of those already struggling with some aspects of today’s multi- dimensional and often synthetic lives. ‘We don’t need psychotherapists, Counsellors, or any other range of talking therapists…’ I’ve often heard said or questioned. Wouldn’t that be great! A utopia. Hurrah… people actually being kind to each other without serious hidden control agendas, or ulterior motive, nobody at risk of life-altering mental health chemical imbalances, and no one ‘feeling or caring’ enough to not notice separation, decline or death!? Get real. Let’s get human.

Granted, there were times when confidential ‘chats’ would suffice. To off load. Dumping and then feeling lighter – has always worked and always will. The local grocer, hairdresser, or distant-but-much-loved approachable relative and knowing it was (for as much as could be known) kept counsel. These people were often too busy with much of their own ‘stuff’ and lives to have time, or interest to use the information for further ‘gossip’.

Confidentiality, hence safety, does not exist in today’s world unless you’re blessed enough to know an individual who is naturally put together well enough to offer this (very rare) or under professional conditions with trained and experienced professionals.

From Law, to medicine to psychotherapists/counsellors, each industry has its own strict governing bodies and for all my years of practice; adhere to the protection of our client’s worlds.

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