Why Therapy is needed by some, at times

Why Therapy is needed by some, at times

Self-persecution is the worst that stems from harrowing or disturbing times in our lives and it is this that needs very special time, patience and structure. That’s where it becomes ‘safe’ – especially when all else seems all over the place.

I often see clients ‘relieved’ they’ve made a start on a hidden agony, and begin to shine even once ‘stuff’ is gently looked at, typically reaching some form of resolve, resolution, or realisation. A future clears its path once more and a sense of promise can re-enter the space, their lives. I love this time for clients…

No one is immune from some of the hardest things in life. No matter who we are, life doesn’t discriminate. No matter how trusting, genuinely ‘happily’ put together, background intelligence, successful, wise even.

Myself included. I too have had awful times where truly dreadful decision making from a sense of nothing other than being human, came at cost. Huge cost. It’s true what they say ‘It’s not how you fall… it’s how you get back up’ and knowing some little gifts from those of us war worn, trained and experienced Therapists for those routes forwards once more, is a very safe place indeed.

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