Core Philosophy Programme

Core Philosophy Programme

This is a programme aimed at Wellness in the Workplace and was written on the invite from my head of HR when I worked in a large hospital during my placement as a Psychotherapist.

I then spent a further 5 years with this NHS Trust in staff support.  Here I developed my work for groups from any department to have a place to go and grow better skills to balance their lives between work and home.  You can imagine the pressures on NHS staff at any given moment and I was passionate to find a multidisciplinary model that would involve the wellness of the whole being and not separating out the body, from the mind to better management strategies of how to deal with specific work place challenges.

Core Philosophy was born to become a 90 minute foundation seminar.  This challenges the whole way you think – subsequently feel and behave about you, your environment and those you live, work and play with.  There is then a 5 week developmental programme and soon to come a 4 week on line version with the option of Executive Coaching.

At the core of my Core Philosophy, CP, is how you are able to become that stronger, happier more balanced version of you, you’d like to be.

We have access to all sorts of ‘specialists’ and rightly so, in many fields of health and well being.  Its often confusing to whom and to what extent you turn to to re-educate your relationship with food, activity levels, those you allow around you who impact on your mental and emotional energy.

I have spent many years editing out both in study, practise and sometimes sadly through personal experience what really works for some and not for others.

As an experienced Psychotherapist and Health and Fitness Professional it is vital amidst a busy world to have a place to get back to the core of you and realign, regain, reboot and refresh.

Especially if you have identified something you are doing and keep doing just isn’t what you want from your life either personally or professionally.

Many today, externally identify their value and worth on how they look, earn and material possession and those they are in relation with, in some way.  This is common.

Having our happiness so outsourced is a modern problem.  Further down the line you realise that happiness has been spent on this changeable outside set of variables –  non of us have total control over, so we can then fall down in some way.   

We can only acknowledge and embrace these variables when they are present and serve a positive in our lives.  When they shift… what have you got?  This affects you personally and with your work place morale and culture.

Having a Core Philosophy for yourself mentally, emotionally, physically and in an inspirational way (how this affects others) is vital.  Its worth the re-investment in yourself as it is only from here can you truly affect change in the world around you whether this is indeed at work, or play.  You’re worth investing in, and that’s down to you.

For more information and how to book a live contact CP with me, or one of my other facilitators, contact us at

A distance on-line version is due soon with on-line options for executive coaching.