Female and Fabulous

Female and Fabulous

Female, Functional, Fit, Fertile (if appropriate) and Fabulous

I wrote this e-book on becoming increasingly concerned that for a large number of households the matter of filling the fridge and what goes on the table comes down to the lady of the house… increasingly not, but still is weighted in our direction. I felt further compelled as I’ve seen ‘super woman syndrome’ all around me at times. The plate spinning clown, who in reality suffers chronic tiredness and feelings of resentment from feeling unsupported, taken for granted. All compounded by responsibilities, at times little resources and more importantly time to make better informed choices as to what to do for the best for your health and wellness, especially those of who you care for your family.

The most valuable gift of future health

Future generations learn from such an early age eating and wellness habits, for life. Its not always a given it’ll be improved or added to by life or education.

So ideally wouldn’t it be best for us all to ‘know’ more and rise above the masses of confusing weekly sets of information, to have up to date solid science on nutrition and wellness strategies for both mental and physical well being? Yes…

I have been in the business of health and well being for as long as I started teaching nearly 30yrs ago, as well as becoming a counsellor/psychotherapist for nearly 20 of them. Its provided years of unique opportunities and privileges to be in a position to be part of many individual’s lives in one way or another.

This has also meant I’ve had chance to see across the board the range of lack in information and knowledge with its disassociated despondent results in individuals and family groups. This all leads to keep repeat patterns producing ill health from poor food/nutrition, physical neglect in inactivity and consequently poor mental and emotional performance.

Sadly, as a big fan and supporter of our NHS I see too many times the results having to be shouldered for chronic and serious illness and diseases that could do easily be avoided as a consequence.

To pass on the gift of valuable basic up to date knowledge to future generations is essential.

Cut the Crap

Female and Fabulous, (F&F), is something you already are, even if you don’t think and consequently feel it much of the time. What you’ll hear and read in F&F is some key concepts and skills so you gain the knowledge available to us all now.

So we can cut the crap and the unresourceful from our lives…

These are ‘bad’/unresourceful decisions, food, people even who drain on your energies and quality of life – all literally adding weight in every way.

You then will up your game and awareness to be confident of your decisions (which is a sign of positive mental health), keeping a circle of resourceful, positive and respectful people in your life, create an internal environment (your body) to create a vibrant healthier version of you from better food choices, which upregulated stomach and gut enzyme function will give a better balance of those all together important hormones – I call them ‘the governors’.

Always Learning in Life

You see everything is a knock on effect and when most of us where at school we learned about basic food groups and then were often put off activity with PE…

Many of us didn’t make a great start. It doesn’t mean all is lost.

There’s been years of further science and knowledge that’s now available which I’ve found empowering and inspiring.

As a Health & Fitness Professional in particular I’ve kept my eye on things that many years ago were formative studies and only used in specific areas like those of high level athletic performance or medical necessity. This knowledge has now come of age and I’ve always synthesised and edited it for my clients.


As women we are in a unique position with usually masses of unpaid skills on the go constantly organising and providing. All this on top our working lives, to shape other’s lives profoundly from start go.

My aim is to empower and enable more and more of us who may not be able to be gym bunny, clean living types with disposable time and finances to further educate and invest in the self – but women who have real rounded lives that really are Female and Fabulous.


E-Book – Female & Fabulous