Teaching in Health and Fitness – finding the best for you

Teaching in Health and Fitness – finding the best for you

I’ve been involved in teaching in Health and Fitness for nearly 30yrs.  Even before that you could argue I had been thrust in front of groups and expected to translate some of my then fledgling knowledge of how to get fit, lose weight, eat well and also how to dance your heart out for pure fun/fitness and in some cases, careers in the industry.

Today being an experienced Health and Fitness Professional has changed in many ways.  Its science, its platforms (multimedia) though the field in itself it has never changed.  Only further evolved in its ability to transform lives of those who for many reasons lack the knowledge, motivation and support to adopt life enhancing changes and new habits for a better way of living.

To update your knowledge and refresh your attitude to how you live day to day, month to month is precious and priceless.

Its not a rehearsal for when you get it right…

A fabulous actress friend of mine Elizabeth Carling who in her own right is an advocate for living with a strong sense of personal responsibility for her own health (after all her body and mind are her tool as an actress) once said to me ‘Its not a case of getting ready Di, it’s a case of being ready”.

This stayed with me and just how much we can procrastinate much of our time away.

We’re well into the New Year and so many have managed to stay on their new ‘Fitness’ wagon while others have fallen.  The usual story.

Mostly because what was thought to be something they’d like turned out not to be the case.  I advocate shopping around for the routine, form of activity and those teachers/trainers you enjoy growing from.

There are some gems out there and before you know it you can become better at self governance too.  You can be taking yourself off to train and do what you know works.

I’m very happy when I have clients who have responded to trying out Green Gym.  Just getting the outdoor habit basically.  Walking, running (if your body is stable and strong enough) out door circuit conditioning and strength (I was doing this with small client groups years before it was a thing) purely because for me – it’s the best environment to enjoy feeling stronger, fitter and alive.  I can plan, programme and implement many different programmes for as many as there are individuals with different aims, likes and dislikes.  Many good Health and Fitness professionals do this too.  So shop around if your looking for a teacher, educator and motivator.

We all have preferences and sometimes its also down to a personality fit.  Ask around if you’re struggling and in particular ask some of the friends you love, you already know their personas.  Pop along with them and you never know it may also be something or a spring board for what brings you that next level of motivation to make the changes you desire and then the habits to maintain them.

Happy searching and enjoy every moment of ‘being ready…’