Spring Update

Spring Update

There’s only One Law


How are you doing so far this year?

‘Change’ or at least the inspiration to seems to do so seems to be at its highest I’ve seen in many years?!  Have you been clear in what it is you want to change/add/adjust? Once identified have you worked out how?


If it’s is a health and bodily change goal do you know how to and most importantly – know the science and facts behind for your unique you/body? Get this right and it’s for life, not just a few giddy months.


Change, for ever changing…


Change and our ability to adapt is what has kept life alive from the very beginning.  As earth was was developing three key systems also developed to facilitate this;

  • Immunity (Radiation from space killed anything until even our planet had developed hers!? – the Atmosphere)
  • Nervous system
  • Endocrine (Hormones)


The latter two both work in unison to communicate around our bodies vital functions from cells, organs and systems.  Everything.  Much of my work includes encouraging you to take a greater awareness of these aspects of your unique health.  Neglecting the need to be an active being, eating well for nutritionally optimal food for your body, knowing how to balance your rest and output is essential for your happiness. Without balancing the first three – you’ll always find that Happiness will evade you.  


                   Move, eat, quiet/sleep = Greater Happiness


20 years ago (without being a specialist in either biology or hormones) I knew the future of health and our knowledge to better understand our individual unique profiles lay in the Endocrine system.  I encouraged all those around me at the time whether in nutrition, health, holistics or fitness to make sure that whatever CPD (Continuing Professional Development) that they be sure to invest in learning about hormones.  

For example, if in my lectures for wellness in the workplace (Core Philosophy)

I mentioned Insulin some would mutter ‘er, isn’t that something to do with blood sugar?’ Now look at our awareness and how everyone is highly aware of the long term and every day, every hour in fact, impact eating inert sugars has.   The highs to lows and its long-term damaging effect on the delicate, life sustaining need for healthy blood sugar balance in the body.

I’ve many clients, perhaps like some of you reading, who started 2017 knowing that change and improvement was essential in their lives.  Whether this be a familial and personal relationship situation, weight and health issues, or adding in to their lives something that was ‘lacking’ like a new hobby or even job, you know that action from a place of knowledge is essential.


The winter is ebbing away and now enters the hope, colour, freshness and energetic change of Spring, that nobody can ignore.

Spring and Easter is a great time to really grasp the foundation of your changes so far this year and get your science, self-awareness and ownership of what needs to be done properly on track.  

Remember – energy and the shift of any season and time is on your side as there is only one law in physics and the Universe…

Everything is Transient, nothing stays the same.  So, harness it.


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