October Update

October Update

How are you adjusting to Autumn and facing winter?  Are you taking the time to look after yourself and adapt any self-care routine?

I’ve had to revise mine slightly as my output hours have changed to working more from Skype with clients around the UK and less hours and miles on the motorways.  

Meaning I can manage and derive my time more effectively for the energy balance of input and output (yin n yang). Always remember when you are on lots of output (Yang) you need to equally rebalance the right about of Yin building (correct exercise for you, excellent quality nourishing food and sleep) to be able to sustain good output at home and in the work place.

In around 2000Bc the ancient Chinese were first to arrest this phenomena as part of the Daoist and the Confucianism philosophies, both popular religious practices present at the time.  The black and white symbol the Taijitu is what most of you may have seen that represents the dualism that underpins this theory.  Everything balances itself out and is paramount to the balance of your health in life.

Check out how I can help you with this, from getting your office/work space organised for optimum health (Desk Analysis) – to how I work closely with the principals of Yin and Yang as a Chek practitioner with Holistic Lifestyle Coaching which alongside being a psychotherapist and coach works very well with regular sessions on Skype or phone once assessed.  

Use the contact emails as part of my website www.dianeyoudale.co.uk