Do you want to be in the best shape of your life, for life? 
Wake up feeling great & positive, every day? 
Become Wealthier? 

I’ll be coaching you weekly with exercise, good food science and how it all links to your mind. 
All from the convenience of where ever you are from whatever device you have.

You’ll experience priceless, welcome changes & knowledge for the art and science of a great life.

Here’s your route to success in health and a happier more energised life in 2018.


Jet Loves – £6.99

Sign up to Jet Loves for just £6.99 and be one of the first to get access to my brand new programme via Patreon.

You’ll have 5 aspects to your monthly subscription –

  • Jet Engine 
  • Jet Fuel
  • Jet Stream
  • Jet Propelled
  • Combustion
  • Sonic Boom

In addition 

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  • You’ll experience gaining knowledge and experience all you need to know for the art and Science of a great life
  • All from the convenience of whatever device you have, where ever you have it! Jet Loves…



I have 3 tiers to my programme:

  • Jet Loves (£6.99)
    • Here’s your route to success in health and a happier more energised life in 2018.
  • Private Jet (£220)
    • 4 Counselling/coaching sessions per month
  • Business Class (£475)
    • 4x One to one Consultation/Coaching/Counselling
    • 1 x Holistic Lifestyle Assessment/Coaching (HLC)
    • 4 x Personal Exercise Assessment and Coaching


Jet Engine – Your Body is the engine of your life. We will be taking better care of it and we start with you doing my method of a mix of Core, Corrective exercise & Pilates that works immediately twice a week as your foundation. Even experienced athletes/performers do this as maintenance body conditioning. Vital. The very foundation to all other performance and health gains. Get it wrong and your physio becomes richer. It’s not hard when taught properly and is lifetime lasting.

Jet Propelled – This is where we build from the firm functional foundations of Jet Engine keeping it stoked by adding in new exercise and activity formats throughout the year. Keeping you motivated and building up through a Performance Pyramid which I’ll take you through. You can reach being able to do HIITs or even learn to dance if that’s something you love. Climbing that mountain or doing that charity run is within reach from word go with consistency to month 4 – 16 weeks!

Combustion – Combination workouts to effectively hit all bases. Once you’ve mastered the foundation phase and I feel the quality of your work enables you to train in an integrated way I’ll be putting together combination workouts to keep the interest, training benefits and motivation! Great, succinct fun. These happen after a number of basal sessions and will be what your second session in the week comprises of. Always varied and seamless. You’ll have a great exercise range.

Jet Fuel – If you’ve chose you’ll discover your Metabolic Eating Type. This is so you can Eat Right for your Type. The whys of how to never feel you have to ‘diet’ ever again. You’ll develop the knowledge that will help you and those you love to be healthier, effortlessly. A vital part of Jet Loves… integrating Body and Mental health with food. The link between the two was suspected by Hippocrates 300BC.

We now know just how much this is so and a vital link that you weren’t taught in school.

Jet Stream – I’ve met some brilliant minds who consistently inspire the work I do. Some famous and some non-famous alike. They’re visionary and great interpreters in their fields of science, food, the mind, the planet, fitness & culture.

We’ll be doing filmed podcasts to get behind how these inspirational few have arrived at their knowledge base and what’s pertinent to how it can affect you now.

There’ll be Webinars which will give you the opportunity to ask relevant questions on how you’re doing. I’ll also broadcast aspects of the Core Philosophy Programme which helps you to understand how and why your body and mind works the way it does at times.

Any questions even on Gladiators and I’ll answer to my best awareness and ability. On this Vlog I’ll also share any thoughts that may have come up from your questions from my years, studies and knowledge. There are key themes that come around time and time again with the client work I do. I’ll be happy to share observations from this work and even impart my own hard earned real-life learning. Even therapists aren’t immune from life happening, good bad or indifferent!

And, finally, with Sonic Boom – I’m looking forward to answering any questions you have about your progress to my best knowledge via my Discord server exclusively for members.