Hi and thank you for checking out this website.

Whether it’s because you were once a fan of the Gladiators or because you are interested in the many products I have developed over the years in Fitness and well being, I do hope you find something you will find that will make a difference to you or someone you care about.

Some background for you…

The ITV programme Gladiators was a huge part of my twenties.
I was running my own Dance and Fitness School in Farnham, Surrey while maintaining commitments to castings and auditions in London. I’d previously finished my professional training in choreography and performing arts at London Contemporary and The London Studio Centre.

The oddest casting came up whereby I found myself doing gym tests at the Woolwich Barracks army assault course for a show that was coming over from America called ‘Gladiators’. The rest is history and I spent 4 and a half years swinging, hitting, grappling, tackling, flying and sprinting around the then NIA in Birmingham (now the Barclaycard Arena.) My character as ‘Jet’ was accepted into many a living room and from some of the nicest feedback to this day some hearts too, I believe!?

I left following an accident at the live Wembley Arena show in the Spring of 1996. By this time I had started doing many more TV appearances and started numerous contracts as a TV and radio presenter for BBC TV and radio, ITV, SKY and continued to do other TV and Film as an actor.

During this phase I still taught in Fitness and kept to speed as much as possible with the Health & Fitness Industry and also managed to fulfil a life long ambition to ‘study the mind’ and train as a psychotherapist.

During my training I was placed in a large hospital in Surrey and I was further encouraged to write material and deliver seminars/ workshops for wellness in the work place. The result being my Core Philosophy Seminar and Programme which has been delivered to many client groups across the UK. It is due to go online for the first time, its going to be available for all to gain a balanced and up to date reassessment of knowledge to improve your personal health across the board.

I now have nearly twenty years experience in this field and many more in teaching fitness, in particular Pilates. After many wear and tear injuries as well as explosive combat injuries I’ve found time and time again this model of being an active moving body to be the most thorough and fundamental as a great foundation for everyday function and even to platform more activities. I see constant and almost instant results from my classes and to those who participate in my Core Philosophy programme.

You may have seen me as a regular on the Big Brother’s Bit on the Side show as one of their ‘Psyche’s. A fascinating show which further feeds my fascination with how reality TV is changing the face of our relationship with ‘fame’ and its presence in society.

Having a keen sense of worth in your life creates a foundation for your happiness. All these elements and many more are looked at in the Core Philosophy programme too.

If you’ve any questions for me then do feel free to contact via this website and in time I, or a member of my team will get back to you.

Thanks once again.