Core Philosophy Workshops – Highly anticipated...

‘Want to learn more as to why you and others are the way you are at times?’

A word from Diane…

‘From an early age when I was not somersaulting around as a gymnast in my more thoughtful moments I picked up a copy of my father’s New Scientist magazines heading straight for anything on the Human Being and its ‘development’. Anthropology and the workings of the mind always drew my attention enough for me to announce that one day I would study this area and know more about the human ‘mind’.

As we are all works in progress I can now bring many theoretical and personal insights to this multifaceted and enjoyable seminar, having worked in training, health and personal development for 19 years as a Fitness Professional, educator and Psychotherapist.’

Diane’s work both privately and with the NHS has meant that she has developed some key insights and with up to date research in psychology, neuro science and health Diane delivers in her frank and open manner, a 3-Dimensional programme proving insightful, educative, philosophical and inspiring and in some cases raises as many questions in the fields of health and psychology as it answers.

Who is it for?

It is for everybody! Health care professionals, counsellors/psychotherapists, Fitness Professionals, anyone working for improving working lives and those generally interested in finding out more about people and themselves which can be very useful to negotiate further forward in life.


There will be a number of live seminars in various locations throughout the UK.