Core Philosophy Programme Live – Foundation 90min Seminar

Core Philosophy Developmental Course 6 weeks & Bespoke

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A total personal development programme. Mental and emotional Health, physical health & wellness, a motivated mindset. Make the changes you know you need to, to create your company culture conducive to productivity and reduce absenteeism. Vital knowledge for every level of employee, your departments and bottom line.

Core Philosophy Programme >

Core Philosophy on line – Coming Soon

4 x 60 minute presentations.

Includes Relaxation audio

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Online access to feedback & support

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Pilates Online – Coming Soon

The best all round way to feel good in your body and see immediate results. Pilates Online Membership Monthly fee – £12.99

2 sessions filmed and streamed per week Monday / Thursday – film and upload

Released on Tuesday / Friday every week Nutrition advice with each class – 8 Nutrition tips per month

Diane Youdale Exclusive Coaching Programme

All you need to make the changes you know you need to do. Following a consultation for readiness and commitment you can then achieve the next step for the best you can be at this stage in your life.

Core Philosophy Programme >

1-1 Exclusive Coaching Programme – Enquire for Prices

3 months in duration

2 sessions per month

supplementation throughout the programme

45 minute Skype call x 2 per month (6 in total) structured

Nutrition, Mind set, Exercise prescription, NLP, supplementation protocols

Prices available on request. Strictly limited availability.

Results to expected.

1-1 Psychotherapy and Counselling

Following assessment, a working contract is made for timings and appropriateness.

Face to face.

Online and media if appropriate following face to face assessment.

Psychotherapy, Counselling and NLP >

eBook Female & Fabulous – Coming Soon

Whoever who fills the fridge and plates the food for their family needs to know to avoid todays ailments and creeping obesity

Female and Fabulous >

5 Tips to Feel Fab.

5 Tips a month to Enhance your Life for a Year… to Feel Fab – Coming soon

5 tips per month which form a complete blue print for health.

Watch 5 different pieces a month which provides you with an insight into key areas of up to date wellness and fitness knowledge in particular subjects & fields.

Female and Fabulous >

Core Philosophy Programme >

Guest Dance, Fitness Workshops & Classes

Pilates & Corrective Exercise

Fusion Specialist Dance

Choreography for Shows

Warm Ups for Big events

Small Group indoor/outdoor PT


Dance Yourself Silly >

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