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Relationships & How to be better at attracting the right partner

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Relationships & How to be better at attracting the right partner

What • A therapist led online email guide & counsel to help you attract a partner in your life for a healthy and fulfilling relationship Why • A good relationship is a wonderful plus in life • It is more than achievable - there are basic rules to learn… • Projection is perception and perception is your projection. Be careful that you are ready and clear in yourself before you venture into the world of an other’s. • If you’re not whole and clear in yourself – this is common which can lead to relationships out of desperation or ‘fix’ as opposed to being an addition and of quality. More often, they don’t work and at worse, is distressing, damaging even dangerous. More to consider • Learn to hold better boundaries for your equilibrium and safety • Few ever experience truly good ones but you can be one of them • Many become confused and scarred by past experiences • Knocks in confidence may lessen chances to meet others who are ‘right’ • Handle other’s who come with ‘issues’ kindly and firmly • How you can better avoid the fallout when encountering someone ‘damaged’ • Know whose stuff is who’s! • Avoid becoming their saviour & look after you • Moving on, taking the learnings and thriving so to attract someone appropriate for who you are and where you’re at in your life • Designing a strategy of appropriation & how to best ‘meet’ a potential other that is right for you and who you are now How • On making contact via the website an assessment form is sent • On return of form, an assessment for readiness for the ‘work’ email is sent in reply • Contract of working alliance for a ‘working period’ • Regular emails or phone calls at agreed intervals over agreed duration for outcome • Up to an hour p/wk of therapist time • Post assessment, evaluation • Periodical updater emails Where • In comfort of own home When • When you are ready to do the work on yourself to obtain outcome desired Cost per contract • Basic 6 week - £55.00 p/wk of hourly therapist time + research TOTAL £350.00 • Adaptations negotiable for alteration in support & duration, pro rata


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